Audience from TB discussing our show after the event

These guys would regard themselves as Talibs but they were kind to us and came in to see the show. The one in green on the right side actually participated and came up onto the stage for a skit. The one on the left had beautiful blue eyes and came out with tea for us on a silver tray . I took this photo while we were drinking tea and discussing the show. Our show is pure Cabaret with a bit of everything. We do not show full films but segments and then get the actors who are in them to demonstrate their talents live. We have discovered that people who have never seen any form of film or TV before find it hard to read 2D moving images with sound coming out to the speakers. It takes a leap of the imagination to believe the words from speakers are coming from the 2D faces on the screen . Our shows would be a disaster if we did not have the live element. In our culture where kids see TV and movies from the earliest age we do not realize how conceptual and abstract the movie watching thing is. When exposed to film for the first time people find it almost impossible to comprehend and follow the images.

Our show starts with Ashid doing physical comedy which gets everyone laughing – he invites kids to come on stage and follow his routines – and they pick it up quickly. Then the action heros come on and show how they do the stunts in the movies . Then we have some highly scripted comedy drama with 3 or 4 actors . Then some fake fighting with amazing kicks and spins …. kits are asked to come on stage and fight the action heros with similar moves …. of course the kids are allowed to win. We round it off with dance numbers and half our male actors have to take female roles …. this is a big laugh for everyone and lets us get away with playing music.

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