Me with Village Leader of Tora Bora community where we have put up the tent

This is me with the Village leader where we have put up the tent. He is pro Taliban, hates foreigners and is against film. But he likes me and calls me George with a lot of respect. He is 60 and I am 62 , so I am his senior. I helped get another village elder to a hospital once and he feels he owes me for this. We have the protection of his hospitality. It will be interesting to see if he changes his mind about film once he sees Love City. I think he has been told all films are American propaganda and would never have thought there are films in Pashto language with Afghan cast and stories. On the hill above our tent a house has been destroyed by a recent missile attack from a US predator. Only last night villages close to where our tent it were attacked and people killed. Nothing has come to this village from outside that is friendly until us and out tent and monkey. The day I was there with this elder I found a kid with a broken and cut hand that was going gangreeninous and the fingers would not move – I paid someone to take him to hospital and back. Today we learnt this saved the movement in his fingers and hand. It is this kind of help that makes the villagers love us and be prepared to protect our project and lives.

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