Our audience

This is typical of our audience when shooting or showing the films. Women are not allowed to come outside or watch so it is all men and boys except for really little girls under 10 years. All of what we are doing is in Taliban heartland so it is a kind of minor miracle that we are able to continue. The guy with the black beard was watching us from a field a few hundred meters away .When he started to walk towards us , I thought he looked angry and was expecting a confrontation but I went up and hugged him and invited him to join the rest of the audience. Neha was directing a scene on the edge of a graveyard ( always a sensitive area) – after she had finished a good scene I asked the audience to clap and they responded well. They got into it and became aware of how difficult her job was.

This must have some kind of affect on them and hopefully get them to change their sexist views.These guys never allow their women outside their houses and here they are watching a female director who is in control of a whole grew and group of actors.

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