The road back from Tora Bora and Joy

At one point on the road back from Tora Bora, after doing the Circus, successfully, our truck broke down. We realized we were reasonably safe, however, as we had driven around the badlands. So we started to dance spontaneously. It was a great feeling to have done this thing and to have survived.I have been going through the tapes of what we did there. One of the strongest moments is when the Village Chief (he is a Taliban supporter) says that they do not allow TV or film and that the Koran is against it but he has made the exception for us because I had helped save a man from the village some time ago. I then ask him what he thinks of my monkey and he says he likes it so much he wants to get one for himself and for the village children. This is very funny coming after such a very serious statement. It was a nice man and I liked him a lot. Our personal body language and feeling for one another as humans was as important to this breakthrough as the debt the village felt it owed to me. The real triumph was seeing how well our concept of Cinema Circus worked in reality. I instinctively knew the films would not hold this uneducated and very innocent audience so we rehearsed some physical acts and it was these and not the films that were the hit .When I interviewed the audience as they came out of the tent , they all said it was the physical humour and acting they liked the most. Not the films.

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