The Rose Theatre at The Yellow House Jalalabad

The young Pashtun actors are here being mentored by the older actors in a drama workshop lead by Hellen Rose. There are no schools for the performing arts and these children have only the chance to learn on the job from the older actors or what they can pick up from theatrical shows or films they have seen. These older actors work in both theatre and film. They are part of an award winning group called the Ningarhar Theatre Company and are originally based in Jalalabad. They are able to perform at festivals held in the more liberated Kabul, capitol of Afghanistan. Professional trainers from abroad are the only opportunity these older actors have to learn new skills. They are extremely appreciative of Hellen for not only helping their skills training but for setting up a theatre space that will also train female actors, behind the high walls of Yellow House Jalalabad.Hellen-Work-Shop-YH-1024x682

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